Wild Elegance: The 992 Carrera Chronicles in the Jungle


A limited-edition art series capturing the audacious fusion of sleek automotive design and untamed wilderness. Each print features the iconic Porsche 992 Carrera navigating the dense foliage and rugged terrain of a lush jungle. With a limited number of prints available, 'Jungle Velocity' embodies the spirit of adventure, seamlessly blending the precision of German engineering with the raw, organic beauty of nature. Own a piece of this extraordinary fusion, where the roar of the 992 Carrera meets the symphony of the jungle, captured in every carefully crafted print.

  • Please know that you're purchasing the print of this art and not the frame. 
  • The colours may vary from screen to print
  • Please allow 15 - 20 business days for outside UK deliveries
  • All the deliveries will be made in the tube to maintain durability
  • Customization available - Reach out for commissioned projects and special requests