Ferrari 348 Speciale: Art in Motion by the Riviera


This captivating piece of art showcases the iconic Ferrari 348 in a minimalist, modern style. Set against a serene backdrop of a coastal landscape, the Ferrari 348 is poised elegantly on a cliffside road, overlooking a tranquil blue sea with a sailboat drifting in the distance. The use of bold, clean lines and vibrant colours captures the essence of both the car and the scenic Mediterranean environment. The image evokes a sense of freedom and luxury, blending the allure of high-performance automotive design with the calm and beauty of the seaside completing this visually striking homage to an Italian classic.

  • Please know that you're purchasing the print of this art and not the frame.
  • The colours may vary from screen to print
  • Please allow 15 - 20 business days for outside UK deliveries
  • All the deliveries will be made in the tube to maintain durability
  • Customisation available - Reach out for commissioned projects and special requests